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Orientation gives us a great opportunity to welcome you to the opportunities of driving at Western Express and to ensure everyone’s safety. All new Western Express drivers are required to attend. Orientation for Van drivers is 2 days, and orientation for Flatbed drivers is 2 days, plus 3 days of load securement training.


During orientation, you will learn about our safety and operational procedures, take a road test and complete all necessary paperwork. You will also meet someone from every department, including Safety, Operations, Fuel Compliance, Driver Payroll and more.


You’ll find it’s a great way to get acquainted with the people who’ll be helping you while you’re on the road. Plus, it’ll give you a chance to get a deeper appreciation of our unique family environment here at Western Express.

Orientation FAQs

Orientation is held weekly, Sunday through Thursday, at three locations:


Nashville, TN (WENA)

7135 Centennial Place

Nashville, Tn. 37209


Bethlehem, PA (WEBEPA)

2925 Schoenersville Rd.

Bethlehem, Pa. 18017


Bloomington, CA (WEFO)

18244 Valley Blvd. 

Bloomington, CA 02316

Transportation, lodging and two meals a day are provided for you at no cost.



Regardless of where you live, you will be provided transportation via bus line. If you choose to fly, Western Express will reimburse you for the cost of what bus fare would have been. If you choose to drive your personal car, we will reimburse you for your gas.



You will be provided with lodging at no cost. Hotel accommodations are generally double-occupancy.



Nazareth and Fontana locations provide you with breakfast and lunch each day. Nashville location provides 3 meals a day.

Before You Arrive:

  • Send in paperwork: To make the process as smooth as possible for yourself, we suggest that you send in your physical paperwork before arrival.
  • Fill out the online application: If you have not, you can do that now by clicking Apply. If you do not have a completed application on file, you must have 10 years of history, on paper and in-hand, upon arrival the first day.
  • Background check authorization: We try very hard to have all background checks completed prior to orientation. To do that, we must have a completed verification release authorizing us to perform pre-employment inquiries. You may complete this form online now. The sooner we get this information, the sooner we can complete our pre-employment screening to get you on your way to a career with Western Express.
  • Student transcripts: If you are a student or recent grad, please fax or email school certificates/transcripts prior to arrival if possible. If you can’t send the documents prior to arrival, you must bring school certificates and grade/transcripts and present them upon arrival at orientation classes.
  • Valid Class A CDL from your state of residence.
  • Social Security Card. If you’re not a U.S. citizen, then you will also need your work card/permanent resident card.
  • Current DOT medical card and long form.
  • If you have been self-employed, on medical leave, or unemployed, please bring proper documentation confirming this situation.
  • Bring proof of payment for any citations received in the past 90 days prior to your arrival.
  • Voided check if you want to participate in direct deposit.
  • Social security numbers and birth dates for dependents to be covered by health benefits.
  • Funds to cover personal expenses while attending orientation and until the first pay cycle.
  • Proper footwear and attire for your road-driving test.


Your recruiter will get you scheduled and send your personal arrangements, which will include date/time/location. Plus, you’ll receive all of your travel information. We look forward to seeing you in orientation. If you have any questions, please contact your recruiter or send us an email now.

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