You Deserve To Drive The Best Trucks On The Road

Our equipment averages only 1.5 years old, some of the newest in the industry.

Drive Newer Trucks With Advanced Features

You deserve to drive the best trucks on the road. We know—we’re drivers, too. That’s why Western Express is committed to providing you with some of the most comfortable, reliable and safe equipment on the road.


General Truck Specs:

  • The New International LT C10 Edition
  • Cummins Power – X15 Efficiency Series Engine
  • Automatic Transmissions
  • Bluetooth Hands Free Radio
  • Extra USB Ports
  • TV Bracket to Accept Flat Screen (TV not included)
  • 73” Double Bunk Sleeper
  • In Cab Heaters
  • 10 Aluminum Wheels
  • Fuel Efficient


Stylish new looks, improved aerodynamics and fuel economy and luxurious comfort highlight the new Cascadias.



  • Stylish bumper, hood, grille and 12” extenders deliver improved fuel economy
  • Active safety systems assist drivers with split-second decisions and automating safe driving practices
  • eVault provides the first centralized housing inside the cab for all ECUs for fast and easy diagnostics
  • Extra seals and insulation offer a whisper quiet ride
  • Easy control with more steering wheel mounted features, including cruise control, active headlight interrupt, sync Bluetooth and a cycle through instrument cluster menu

Volvo 760s

Volvo’s famous smooth ride and quiet cab are just the beginning.  Western Express custom Volvo 760s specs include some of the best features and components for driver comfort and performance.  In addition to these premium features, safety comes standard with every Volvo.


Driver comfort

  • 70” double bunk sleeper with ample room between the seats to stand and enter the sleeper
  • Volvo I-Shift or Eaton Smart Advantage automated transmissions with dash mounted shifters
  • In cab air release 5th wheels
  • Parking Heater for comfortable and quiet sleeper heating with the engine off
  • Plenty of storage and cabinet space with a cabinet mounted flat screen tv mount
  • Steering wheel controls for cruise, phone, radio, and driver informational display
  • Pre-trip assistant, easy to open hood with self-latching receivers, and flow through valve stems make pre-trip inspections easier to perform
  • Seats with adjustable lumbar chambers and a back-cycler help reduce back soreness and fatigue



  • Volvo Eco-torque engine with 1750 lb-ft of torque available in the top 4 gears.  Remote diagnostics and Remote Programming keep you on the road and minimize time in the shop.


  • Cummins Smart Advantage engine with 1750 lb-ft of torque available in the top 2 gears.  Connected Diagnostics connect to Cummins for rapid fault diagnosis and to maximize uptime when possible, continued operation without risk.



  • Volvo’s high strength steel cab is the only North American truck to pass the Swedish Cab Impact test.  See video for more information
  • Flared frame rails feature breakaway engine and transmission mounts to allow the engine and transmission to go under the truck in the event of a collision
  • Volvo offers the only standard driver’s side air bag in the industry
  • Volvo Enhanced Stability is the only ABS-based truck stability system today capable of recognizing and assisting with both rollover and vehicle under and over steer protection
  • Industry leading doors, that open 70° to a 37” opening, are coupled with offset self-cleaning steps and full size grab handles for easier entry and egress
  • Improved hood slope and the 2050 sq.-in. windshield provides panoramic best in class visibility
  • Volvo Active Driver Assist includes stationary object detection, adaptive cruise, and a heads up display on the windshield
  • LED headlights improved light pattern significantly improves peripheral road clarity and forward visibility

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